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Our daughter who, at the time, was about six years old, showed great enthusiasm to learn to play the piano. As the owners of a piano store in central Toronto, Robert Lowrey’s Piano Experts, we wanted to find the perfect teacher, one who would inspire our daughter to not only play well, but for a love of music.

This teacher would have to have patience, and it was important to us too that he or she would include theory, and not be discouraged during those phases most students go through.

We found Peter Arthurs, who is not only a wonderful piano teacher, but he was happy to come to our home for the lessons. Peter is a very diligent, organized and dedicated teacher, who gives his lessons great thought, and who steadfastly kept our daughter on track, even throughout all those teenage years when she was less enthusiastic about practising.

Our daughter now plays beautifully, and even excelled at piano theory, for which she showed the least enthusiasm. Peter assured us she would do well, and we were delighted when we discovered she had gotten 96% on her final theory exam.

Kate is in University now with music and piano a big part of her life; she often sits down three to four times a week to play for her own enjoyment.   We will always be grateful to Peter for guiding and inspiring her to accomplish something which will forever be a comfort and a joy in her life.

Robert and Kim Lowrey

When I first decided to take piano lessons, I searched for a credible teacher. I came across Piano Lessons Everywhere and I am glad that I have. What really impressed me was the choice to take lessons through video conferencing. I did not have the means to go to a studio for lessons and I did not have the structure in my busy schedule to have Peter at Piano Lessons Everywhere come to me in person so lessons through video conferencing worked for me. The consistency and clarity of the video feed is just like having Peter with you in person! It has changed the way lessons are taken, I would recommend video conferencing as it truly the cheapest and easiest way to take lessons for anyone!

Maneesh Varma
Adult student

I started taking piano lessons 5 years ago. It was quite a challenge at my age, but seemed to be going well when my teacher Peter threw another challenge at me: “Let’s try lessons by VideoConferencing”. My response: “Whaaaat????”

Well, the word “try” works on me like “open Sesame”, so I tried it. And guess what? I loved it from the start! It is technically sound, convenient for time shifting, and I see no reason to ever have a teacher sitting beside me.

Eric Saibil

 I’ve studied piano with Piano Lessons Everywhere since the summer of 2011, when I returned to the instrument after a hiatus of more than forty years. I’d forgotten how to read music and recalled nothing except the location of middle C. Peter at Piano Lessons Everywhere is an inspiring teacher whose patience, encouragement and experience pay enormous dividends for me and for all his students. We have held our lessons via Skype since last February and the arrangement works well. While I chose not to do the RCM examinations because of the pressure of my own work, Peter’s talents have ensured that my preparation in technique in particular is beyond my current grade level. I heartily recommend Peter Arthurs to adult students who want to play piano for their own enjoyment, and have already sent him one referral. He will have you playing like a pro in no time at all!

60-year-old adult student

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for everything you have done for my daughter. I am pleased to say that her tremendous success in piano has been a direct result of your master techniques. Peter, your expertise brought my daughter’s joy of playing from a beginner level to an expert. We are thrilled that she received a scholarship of excellence into a prestigious University where she gained entrance into the Faculty of Music, thanks to you!

It all began a few years ago when you came to our home for her first ever piano lesson. I noticed your kind demeanour and professional manor. With your undeniable gift for teaching, she quickly caught on, loved every minute and looked forward to her lessons each week. Due to your teaching, she achieved Honours with Distinction on the Royal Conservatory Music exams, competed with tremendous success in several music festivals and went on to win many outstanding music awards. Peter, you prepared her with great precision with the practical music skills, theoretical knowledge and performance experience necessary to excel.

When my daughter expressed interest in studying music at University, you were instrumental in gathering information necessary to prepare her for the rigorous requirements for the audition process. The many hours you spent with her including studio time, ear training, sight reading, theoretical and practical training resulted in her achievement. You would be pleased to know, that during her live audition and many testing procedures, the professors commented on her expert training and indicated that she must have been taught by a master teacher as her technique and theoretical knowledge was outstanding.

Peter Arthurs prepares students at all levels for the Royal Conservatory of Music piano and theory examinations as well as preparation of entrance auditions for admission into prestigious University music programs. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Peter Arthurs to individuals seeking professional musical training and or academic preparation.

Peter, you brought the gift of music into my daughter’s life and we will forever be grateful to you. You truly are a credit to your profession!

Lois Demone
Parent of student

As a mature adult with little prior musical experience I started lessons with Peter Arthurs about 2½ years ago. My motivation was not simply the desire to learn to play the piano. I was spurred by the need to regain and maintain mobility in my fingers and hands.

Peter worked patiently with me as he was aware of my limitations. While most physical therapy avenues worked at cross purposes with my combination of injuries and syndromes, the piano lessons were enthusiastically endorsed by my surgeon ⎯ ‘You cannot play too much piano’.

As physically frustrating as the experience is for me, I have found in Peter encouragement and support. From the beginning he had me playing pieces albeit simple ones. This helps satisfy the desire for accomplishment.

Peter is flexible ⎯ post surgery we work exclusively on theory. During rehabilitation we focus more on technical keyboard exercises to regain form and function.

Always a thought in the back of my mind, the ‘I would like to learn to play the piano thought’, it is becoming realized. I have learned so much from Peter. I shall learn more. The big bonus for me is that I will be able to keep my hands functional. And Peter will be there to guide and help.

Ms. Dagmar Teubner
Adult student

It’s a privilege to have you as the piano teacher for our son, Savinay. You’ve made Savinay’s transition from the U.K. to the Royal Conservatory of Music requirements so very smooth. We appreciate your professionalism and guidance in developing our son’s interest and talent in piano.

Although, frustrating at times, you’ve helped ensure we take the time for Savinay to master technique before moving on to the next level. You’re persistent monitoring has been instrumental in improving Savinay’s sight reading ability and shows us you have his best interest in mind. We really appreciate the fact you work closely with us to ensure Savinay is well prepared for his exams and enjoys the pieces he is playing. We look forward to you preparing our son for competition in music festivals and reaching his full potential in both theory and practical side of the piano. The little touches you provide like recording his pieces and encouraging him to expand his repertoire are so very helpful in taking his playing to a new level.

We would highly recommend you for any student considering professional musical training whether for academic preparation or for pure pleasure.

Mr. & Mrs. Chopra
Parent of student

My son received great results on his Royal Conservatory examination as a result of Peter’s very thorough and excellent teaching.

Mrs. Christine Bellehumeur
Parent of student

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