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Who Are We?

Peter Arthurs has been teaching piano, voice and music theory for over 30 years. He has been a member of The American Federation of Musicians (for the United States and Canada) for more than 30 years. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Peter commenced piano lessons at the age of 5. He studied under the Royal Conservatory of Music system at the Royal Hamilton College of Music.

By 1969 his interests broadened as he joined his first pop/rock band. In the 1970’s he began performing professionally with several bands throughout Southern Ontario. At age 17 Peter began song writing. His experience with recording in some of Toronto’s finest sound and television studios sparked an interest in him to assemble his own recording studio. By his late teens he was playing all of the instruments as well as singing all vocal tracks for his recorded compositions. He is a member of SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada).

In 1979 Peter enrolled in the Mohawk College Music Program as a piano major. Continuing his classical studies there, he was also exposed to and participated in the rich jazz curriculum that has brought Mohawk College Music Department to acclaim. In 1980 he received a government grant through the Summer Youth Employment Program to fund the formation of a band known as Concertino ’80. In an 8-week period this band had a highly successful run of 40 concerts in the Hamilton/Burlington region. In the 1990’s Peter became one of the early members of the Royal Conservatory of Music Affiliate Teacher Network and was appointed to the ATN Consultative Group. In addition he wrote articles related to music technology for ATN periodicals.

Throughout the years Peter also furthered his musical studies privately with such accomplished music educators as: Eileen McManamy, Arlene Wright, Tim Elia and Roland Packer.

Today, Mr. Arthurs is a full-time teacher of piano, voice and music theory. He continues to write and record compositions in his studio with the hope of inspiring his students to take their own music as far as they can, in the direction of their choice.

Piano Lessons 


 Piano Lessons Everywhere is an online School of Music that provides private Piano and Music Theory
Lessons for all ages Live Online by Video Conference using FaceTime or Skype. 
Our services are available worldwide.

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In which cities or towns do you provide Piano and Music Theory Lessons?

At Piano Lessons Everywhere we teach most of our lessons Live Online by Video Conference using FaceTime or SKYPE, Worldwide.

How good is the audio and video quality for Piano and Music Theory Lessons by FaceTime?

Excellent! Nowadays iPads are designed with HD cameras. The built in microphones are precise and the internal speakers are loud and clear.

We have conducted audio/video quality tests to as far away places as
Hong Kong with comparable results to within our municipality.

Will I receive lesson notes for each lesson by FaceTime or SKYPE so that I know exactly what and how I need to practise throughout the week?

Yes, during the lesson the teacher writes detailed notes concerning technique, sight reading, repertoire etc. After the lesson, these notes are scanned and emailed to the student.

What ages do you teach?

All ages.

What equipment do I need to receive Piano or Theory Lessons Live Online by FaceTime?

Most of our students use an iPad which is mounted on a BS-310 music stand. This stand is special in that it can be angled to greater than 90°. This is important, because, the best viewing angle is ~ 96° for the teacher to see the student and his/her fingers on the keys. To prevent the iPad from falling off of the stand, we use 2 long elastic rubber bands to hold it firmly in place.
(See details below.)


1. iPad

2. Apex (or Yorkville) BS-310 (sturdy music stand) available at music stores.

3. Elastic bands “Big Bands” # 117B 7″ x 1/8″ available at office supply stores.

4. High speed Internet Connection.

Alternatively, some students use a MacBook or laptop placed on a TV dinner table.

Does the teacher have the same music books that I will use for my piano lessons?

Yes, At Piano Lessons Everywhere we have a large library of music books which includes all music that every student will be studying from.

Does each student receive exactly the same lesson as other students at a similar skill level?

No. The curriculum is specially personalized to meet the requirements of each individual student.

Do you offer a Trial Lesson?

Yes. We offer a Free 30 Minute Trial Lesson by FaceTime or SKYPE to show prospective new students how Piano and Theory Lessons Live Online by Video Conference works with Piano Lessons Everywhere.

How often are the lessons provided?

Lessons are taken once per week on a designated day and time. If a student wishes to have more than one lesson per week, that can also be arranged.

What are the teaching hours at Piano Lessons Everywhere?

Lessons can be scheduled in the morning, afternoon or evening depending upon available time slots.

Can I occasionally change my online lesson to another time slot?

Yes. One of the great things about having Piano or Music Theory Lessons Live Online at Piano Lessons Everywhere is flexibility in time slots. It’s convenient that the teacher teaches from a single location and the student has his/her lessons in their own home. Therefore, as long as the teacher has enough advance notice, moving a lesson to another day or time can usually be arranged.

Will I have the same teacher for each lesson?

Yes, definitely! It’s very important that each student has the same teacher from lesson to lesson for continuity and proper musical development.


From Our Students

Our daughter who, at the time, was about six years old, showed great enthusiasm to learn to play the piano. As the owners of a piano store in central Toronto, Robert Lowrey’s Piano Experts, we wanted to find the perfect teacher, one who would inspire our daughter to not only play well, but for a love of music.

This teacher would have to have patience, and it was important to us too that he or she would include theory, and not be discouraged during those phases most students go through.

We found Peter Arthurs, who is not only a wonderful piano teacher, but he was happy to come to our home for the lessons. Peter is a very diligent, organized and dedicated teacher, who gives his lessons great thought, and who steadfastly kept our daughter on track, even throughout all those teenage years when she was less enthusiastic about practising.

Our daughter now plays beautifully, and even excelled at piano theory, for which she showed the least enthusiasm. Peter assured us she would do well, and we were delighted when we discovered she had gotten 96% on her final theory exam.

Kate is in University now with music and piano a big part of her life; she often sits down three to four times a week to play for her own enjoyment.   We will always be grateful to Peter for guiding and inspiring her to accomplish something which will forever be a comfort and a joy in her life.

Robert and Kim Lowrey

When I first decided to take piano lessons, I searched for a credible teacher. I came across Piano Lessons Everywhere and I am glad that I have. What really impressed me was the choice to take lessons through video conferencing. I did not have the means to go to a studio for lessons and I did not have the structure in my busy schedule to have Peter at Piano Lessons Everywhere come to me in person so lessons through video conferencing worked for me. The consistency and clarity of the video feed is just like having Peter with you in person! It has changed the way lessons are taken, I would recommend video conferencing as it truly the cheapest and easiest way to take lessons for anyone!

Maneesh Varma
Adult student

I started taking piano lessons 5 years ago. It was quite a challenge at my age, but seemed to be going well when my teacher Peter threw another challenge at me: “Let’s try lessons by VideoConferencing”. My response: “Whaaaat????”

Well, the word “try” works on me like “open Sesame”, so I tried it. And guess what? I loved it from the start! It is technically sound, convenient for time shifting, and I see no reason to ever have a teacher sitting beside me.

Eric Saibil

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